Free delivery on orders over R750. Delivered in 3-5 working days.

Free delivery on orders over R750.
Delivered in 3-5 working days

About us and our kids clothing brand

Eco Punk is a locally made, proudly South African kids clothing brand founded in 2010 by one of Naartjie Clothing’s lead designers, Anke Scheffel. 

Ecopunk makes a full range of kids clothing, and signature items are jumpsuits, comfy pants, hoodies, board shorts and button-up shirts. 

Designer Kirstin Sham and entrepreneur Chris Hoffman are the brains behind the proudly South African kids clothing brand from Cape Town. They are taking the brand from its initial foundation phase and expanding the brand name and presence, one hand-made item at a time. 

 “At Eco Punk we only use fabrics that are natural and breathable. Our commitment is to make high-quality garments that will last and be handed down. Every item of clothing is hand-made and treated with the utmost respect. Every kid who wears the Eco Punk clothing brand must feel comfortable running, jumping, climbing, playing, and being themselves! Children feel the difference with our clothing,” says Kirstin Sham. 

“We want kids to feel confident and just be kids. We keep that in mind with every item we design and create,” explains Sham. 

The name “Eco Punk” reflects the kids clothing brand’s commitment to using natural fabrics that are breathable, comfortable, and environmentally conscious. The brand reflects a confident, creative, expressive, and individual attitude – just like any happy child. 

Eco Punk is committed to supporting South Africa’s clothing and textile industry. It does not import any of its fabrics or designs. 

Every garment starts from a design on a piece of paper, which is then worked on by seamstresses in Ecopunk’s Western Cape ecosystem. The team supports the local South African kids clothing industry every step of the way by ensuring every aspect of design and creation is done in South Africa. 

Who the Eco Punk kids clothing brand is for

Ecopunk is for children between the ages of 1-to 2-years old and 12- to 13-year-olds who love to be outdoors, be creative, and express themselves. The team are adding some adult items to complement the kids clothing brand, for a “Mommy and me” and “Daddy and me” range. 

“We love pushing boundaries with our designs. We will cut off a sleeve, replace it with another fabric, and do unique creations using buttons, embroidery, contrast ribbing, and cotton,” says Sham. 

Eco Punk has traditionally been made available mainly at niche fashion markets (Kamers Makers), boutique retail stores, and online. Today, the Ecopunk kids clothing brand can be found at the Saint Siena clothing store in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, and SoKo at the Rosebank Mall in Gauteng. The team will keep releasing two to three ranges per year but add regular smaller runs of bespoke designs for SoKo.

“Our dream for the future of our kids clothing brand is thousands of happy children living their best possible life in Eco Punk clothing. To grow the range and establish a branded retail outlet in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. We would also like to bring our manufacturing partners in-house and maintain our commitment to local production,” concludes Sham. 

Buy your ecopunk clothing from: 
SOKO District (Rosebank)

Saint Siena (Kalk Bay) 


“I am in love with the superb quality and awesomeness of the clothing. Love” 
Jana Krikke

“Locally produced and absolutely adorable if you are looking for something special for the little fashionista in your life!” 
Karen Leigh Marais

“Such amazing clothes and service! It’s just the perfect place to get my kids’ clothing there but also presents for my friends 😉 Thank you” 
Petra Rees

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